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The French go music crazy

The French celebrate the longest day of the year – June 21st – with a night of music-making across the country.


Music Day – or the Fete de la Musique – is a great way to mark the start of summer and a hugely popular country-wide event with concerts and performances of every kind and size. From solo songs on street-corners, to impromptu jamming sessions in bars and cafes, to big events in theatres – the whole country unites to celebrate music together on this day. Whether reggae is your bag, classical or jazz, there’s something for suit everyone and it’s all free. It’s been going since 1976 – and officially recognised by the government since 1982. So go on, grab your guitar and get on down to the nearest village square…

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Our new magazine out soon!

Now in its third year, the Leggett Magazine quickly became a much-loved piece of reading, and it continues to be be extremely popular with international buyers for its mix of inspiration, advice and information. We are currently working on the summer/autumn 2016 edition which will be published in July and we can whet your appetite with news of what’s inside.


The feature on seaside homes will get you dreaming of all those surprisingly affordable properties from Brittany to Beziers with a look at eight great areas to consider. In many of those regions you might wish to run a B&B, and we interview both British and French owners of businesses for an insight into whether it’s as fun (or as easy?) as you might expect.

A great way of integrating into your new French town or village is to join (or run) a local class or club – we have some great examples from Zumba sessions to biking and teaching English. Or of course, you could become a Leggett agent! Discover our “Secret Agent” with a head for heights in the Alpine town of St Gervais. The magazine has a print run of over 35,000 copies and is given out property exhibitions, distributed by our agents across France, at airports and also ferries but don’t worry there is also a digital copy if you miss it!

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Plan ahead to get the best from French healthcare

Along with the food, wine, lifestyle and natural scenery of France, the healthcare system is one of the best in the world. But like anything that you aren’t used to, it can seem a little complicated to begin with – so here are a few pointers to help you out.


The first thing to note is that in France you need to pay into the system to get something out. All French residents have access to the state healthcare system but the state doesn’t always pay all the costs of any medical treatment, you have to top up the rest yourself (partial reimbursement). The level of reimbursement will depend on your status, and this is where forward planning comes in. The first crucial thing to consider is where are you deemed resident? Full-time residents in receipt of a state pension can transfer their healthcare rights to France. To find out more, read our online guide to the French healthcare system.

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Monaco Grand Prix Glitz with these three winning homes

Another sun-drenched summer season on the Cote d’Azur is kicking off with the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of this month and we flag up three amazing properties worth a place on the podium. We have picked Nice, where for many of us (without a superyacht) the weekend begins…

This is a lovely comtemporary three-bedroom home with a pool close to vineyards in a lovely residential area to the west of Nice.


This one ranks high when it comes to both charm and location. It’s a traditional five-bedroom home with a lovely large garden only five minutes walk to the sea.


A cracking two-bedroom apartment sith vast wraparound terrace to enjoy these stunning sea views, this is one to swoon at. Modern, light and in a great area of Nice.


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Showtime again!

At the weekend things were hot at London’s Olympia for the A Place in the Sun Live! show. This weekend, we are off to Wetherby Racecourse for the French property show – so do come and join us – we have free fast-track tickets on offer


We had great fun at A Place in the Sun at the weekend, with a two-storey show this year – we were on the upper floor in the French Village! The seminars were packed as usual, with everyone wanting to learn more about the relaxed French lifestyle and wanting to hear more about all the great property for sale in France.

These exhibitions are ideal for providing you with all the information you need to purchase your dream home in France so we cannot emphasize enough how useful they are at providing so many ideas and experts under one roof.

If you didn’t make it to Olympia, then do come and see us this weekend at the French Property Exhibition at Wetherby Racecourse (13th-14th May). Don’t forget to register for free, fast-track entry .

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