Poem of the month… Février

The sun is timidly shining and the days are getting longer. Snow is still in the air as families enjoy fun ski holidays. Spring is on its way and in the meantime, we picked this lovely poem by Isabelle Callis-Sabot for your enjoyment. We hope you will like it!

Février by Isabelle Callis-Sabot

Voici que Février revient, plein de promesses,
Çà et là quelques fleurs s’ouvrent hâtivement ;
Il peut encor neiger, mais le grand froid régresse
Et l’on perçoit déjà des jours l’allongement.

Le printemps apparaît, le rude hiver s’achève ;
Par les champs, par les prés, dévalent les ruisseaux,
Le vieil arbre bourgeonne et se gorge de sève,
Bientôt, dans sa ramée, nicheront les moineaux.

Un soleil radieux inonde la colline,
Au jardin tout prend vie, tout cherche à émouvoir,
Et je sens, sous mes pas, tandis que je chemine,
La terre qui frémit et palpite d’espoir.

One thought on “Poem of the month… Février

  • February 27, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    February by Isabelle Callis-Sabot
    Translated by Sue Davis

    See how February’s returning, full of new promise,
    Here and there scattered flowers open in haste;
    Snow may yet come, but the great cold’s withdrawing
    And we already notice new length to the days.

    Spring reappears, the harsh winter is ending;
    Through fields, through the meadows, streams run with zest,
    Buds burst on the old tree, deep drunken with sap,
    And soon, in its branches, the sparrows will nest.

    The hillside is flooded with radiant sunlight,
    In the garden all tries to move, all comes alive,
    And I feel ‘neath my feet, while I walk, the good earth
    Quiver and throb with hope newly revived.

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