Poem of the month… Fantaisies d’hiver

Mountains are covered in snow, a cold wind is blowing over France and the days are still short. We cannot wait for the sun to reappear more surely in the sky and in the meantime, we picked this charming poem by Théophile Gautier for your enjoyment. We hope you will like it!

Fantaisies d’hiver by Théophile Gautier

Dans le bassin des Tuileries,
Le cygne s’est pris en nageant,
Et les arbres, comme aux féeries,
Sont en filigrane d’argent.

Les vases ont des fleurs de givre,
Sous la charmille aux blancs réseaux ;
Et sur la neige on voit se suivre
Les pas étoilés des oiseaux.

Au piédestal où, court-vêtue,
Vénus coudoyait Phocion,
L’Hiver a posé pour statue
La Frileuse de Clodion.

One thought on “Poem of the month… Fantaisies d’hiver

  • January 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    My translation!

    Winter fantasies by Théophile Gautier

    In the lake at the Tuileries,
    The swan in mid-glide is caught
    And trees are, like in fairy tales,
    With silver filigree wrought.

    Under lacy white nets of branches.
    Vases bear flowers of frost;
    The starry footprints of the birds
    Across the snow are tossed.

    Where once Venus, mini-tunic clad,
    Elbowed Phocion on their plinth
    Winter’s placed a rococo statue
    A Chilly Clodion nymph.

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