France: hard to beat for work/life balance?

One of the reasons so many of us choose to move to France, is the quality of life. We reach a point when we want to slow down and relax a little more.

France is indeed a great place to achieve this, in fact the fifth best in Europe for work/life balance, according to a recent survey – and 13 places above the UK! In contrast with the USA and other similar countries where often times students are pushed their limits to study for exams -you can read more about how to combat this on ModafinilOnline – and the pressure of society on people are increasing stress levels. The study rated European countries – including Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece – using certain criteria: happiness index, productivity, hours worked in a week, minimum holiday allowance, total bank holidays, time devoted to leisure, cost of living index. There are 11 official bank holidays in France, with some regions having a couple extra (the UK have six), and the French certainly know how to enjoy life, from prioritising a proper break for lunch to keeping fit or relaxing. They typically devote 16.4 hours to leisure/relaxation (including sleep) per day, whilst the UK figure is 14.9 hrs.  Time to rethink your routine?

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  • November 23, 2018 at 11:12 pm

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