Introducing Clive Fowler, in the ‘affordable South’

After trying out several regions of France, Clive Fowler was seduced by the ‘dramatic landscape and dramatic history’ of the Languedoc/Midi-Pyrenees.

With the Med to the south and the Haute Pyrenees to the west, the dramatic Montagne Noire provides a stunning backdrop to this beautiful region. “I felt the call to France in 1989 in search of something else; I was not disappointed. As an artist and musician/composer in my spare time the romance of the Land of the Cathars is not wasted on me, nor the cuisine and fine wines on offer,” says Clive.

“My home town Labastide-Rouairoux, a great up and coming town, a formerly celebrated textiles centre, offering chateaux, maisons bourgeoises, and homes for the workers – it’s one of the most affordable areas in the south.” It is just an hour from the coast, with the choice of four international airports: Béziers, Carcassonne, and Perpignan, all around 1h15 drive and also Toulouse at 1h30 mins, Montpellier 2 hrs.” Nearby Mazamet, famous for leather, has similarly affordable and impressive properties.

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One thought on “Introducing Clive Fowler, in the ‘affordable South’

  • January 7, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    Hi Clive Fowler, just read your blog, undastand totally the call of france.
    space and weather,wines ,food could go on,,,,long story short I am looking to just come , recent retired perish the thought In uk as a single …area drawn to charente maritime …first instant as easy to access. ..
    Would love to hear more of your journey , … agent In le dorat he came over with his wife from derbyshire not looked back. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Will be looking to buy
    A property for €100k -130k …

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