Agent of the month – Savandary Boulom in Paris

What does a typical day as a Leggett Agent entail?

I am a self-employed entrepreneur, and as such, I like the fact that I can organise my time as I please, sharing it between my family and my work. During my typical work day, I usually prospect around FIPAC. And whenever I have meetings with real estate clients, I delineate a property development business plan before I meet them. I often walk around FIPAC to get to know the places and businesses in my neighbourhood so I can be the first to get the new properties on the market. I also do viewings with my clients and follow up on my emails.

What is your favorite place in the area that you cover? What do you like most about your area?

The area I cover goes from the 1st to the 10th arrondissement and so I travel in this zone according to the needs of my clients. However, I do have a slight preference for the 4th arrondissement. This area has everything to please (except perhaps the relatively high price per sqm). You will find everything from museums and local shops to trendy restaurants and the banks of the Seine.

Picasso Museum

What were you doing before you joined Leggett?

Just before joining Leggett Immobilier, I worked in schools as a temporary employee. Before that, I was a sales agent in a customer relations department.

Charming south-facing duplex apartment with 1 bedroom – €550K

What do you like best about your job?

Apart from being able to organise my working time as I wish, I like discovering unique properties, meet new people, and more globally, discover all the hidden corners of Paris. Being a property sales agent is fantastic, even though it can be a little difficult from time to time.

Please click here to see Savandary’s portfolio of properties.

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