Come and have a peep at our lovely gardens!

Just our latest reminder that we are proud sponsors of the Open Gardens (Jardins Ouverts) – an event now in its fourth year. Why not have a look at these gardens if you are in France?

In Nantiat (Haute-Vienne) there’s a charming ‘chaotic English cottage type of garden’ that would be high on my list, while near Aulon there’s a profusion of honeysuckle, peonies and hydrangias in a large and well-planted garden on 21st. Or visit two gardens beside each other at Crozant on 24th. The event that raises money for charity in such a wonderful way. How better than to open up your garden to share with everyone else – for a good cause? Do get come and get involved and help raise money for the children’s cancer charity, Chacun Son Everest. You can find all the info here: