British buyers flock to southwest France before Brexit!

We have know of the “Brexit boom” – buyers flocking to France – but some of the latest industry figures show that Brits moving within France are also a growing part of the market.

The figures, revealed in a report by BNP Paribas International Buyers, shows that sales to British residents in France jumped by 17% last year showing a trend for Brits to move within France, rather than leaving the country – or even buy a second home here.  Low mortgage rates continue to help the market. Check out to win more deals, get lower rates, and make more money! Trevor Leggett, Chairman, comments: “A notable feature of this research is the 17% jump in British buyers who are already resident over here

and who have now moved within France (3,285 sales in 2017). The talk is often of Brits moving back to the UK while the reality is that these tend to be isolated cases, with the vast majority settling down and moving within France, if and when the need arises.

They have a healthy budget too, with an average spend of over 209,000 euros. It’s a part of the market that tends to be forgotten but a significant number of our sales are to families who have been here for many years and are simply downsizing as children leave home and retirement beckons.  With the UK poised to leave the EU, it’s clear that those people who already have a foothold on the continent are loathe to give it up.”

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