Poem of the month… Juin

It’s finally summer! It’s starting to get really warm so we can enjoy long afternoons around the pool or napping under the shade of the trees. The cicadas are beginning to sing again and fruits are deliciously sweet. Inspired by these welcomed changes in nature, we picked this lovely poem by Robert Casanova for your enjoyment. We hope you will like it!

Juin by Robert Casanova

J’aime bien le mois de Juin
C’est celui des cerises
Des longues journées sans fin
Aux douces soirées exquises.

Très tôt dès le matin
Tous les oiseaux devisent
Et tard quand la nuit vient
Certains encore s’avisent.

C’est le temps des examens
Où les sérieux révisent
Et leurs moments malsains
Des attentes indécises.

C’est tendres gazons coussins
Où la rosée irise
Les beaux serments divins
Des amants qui se bisent.

Et puis au mois de juin
On pense à ses valises
Car très bientôt revient
L’heure des  vacances promises.

One thought on “Poem of the month… Juin

  • June 23, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Robert Casanova
    (A version in English)

    I love so much the month of June
    It’s the month of the cherry fruit
    Of long endless days
    Of sweet exquisite evenings

    Very early in the morning
    All the birds converse as one
    And later when the night comes
    Some still persist

    It’s the time for exams
    Where the serious revise
    And avere their unhealthy moments
    And uncertain expectations

    It’s the month of soft cushions of grass
    Of iridescent dew
    When lovers share kisses
    And exchange beautiful divine oaths

    To be sure it’s the month of June
    When we think of packing our holiday bags
    Because very soon the time
    Of promised holidays will return again

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